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Kimberly Butchko Designs is a full service interior design firm based out of the Los Angeles Area. With over 20 years experience, Kimberly keeps true to her client’s personality while curating beautiful designs with personal touches. She offers her clients design that marry flow and continuity while providing functionality for their lifestyle. Incorporating her design philosophy that a well designed home should inspire and rejuvenate, Kimberly guides her clients through this creative journey, until they are home.


I started working with Kimberly approximately 2 years ago when I needed design help for my living room. I so loved working with her that she has since helped me re-do every other room in my house including the kid’s bedrooms! She’s extremely talented, and exceptionally skilled in her craft. She has great taste and a great eye. She provides amazing and exciting recommendations for each room and brings such patience and ease to what could be a stressful process.  

Kimberly does an amazing job of sourcing materials as well as providing similar but more affordable options if necessary. 

Kimberly is an asset to anyone needing interior design help and I would highly recommend her!

- Kristen L.

We spent the last year doing a complete remodel of our house - new floors and paint, updated bathrooms and kitchen, all new furniture - and I wouldn't have been able to do any of it without Kimberly's help. She started by looking through websites, magazines and catalogues at the ideas I had in mind and then helped me streamline all of it to create a consistent look throughout the house. She did a great job of helping me include some unique and interesting pieces, along with family heirlooms, all while maintaining an overall concept that was the perfect mix of cozy comfortable (at my husband's request) and modern glam (at my request). Kimberly is great at working with you to create a vision and then goes above and beyond to source available options until you find the right one that fits. Her professionalism, patience and easy going nature made her a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a fantastic designer.

-Nicole L.

Kim is truly amazing! Aside from having an amazing eye, she is exceptional at learning what her clients like as opposed to imposing only her taste in design. In so doing she brings instantly appealing and wonderful concepts to every room of your home, with incredible attention to detail. I had zero experience in interior design and Kim was easily able to guide me through the process and provide confident recommendations that always seemed to perfectly embody what I wanted right out of the gate. I would highly recommend her to ANYONE in need of interior design assistance, be it one room to an entire home.

-Hogan S.

Honesty, Integrity and attention to detail best describe Kimberly Butchko Designs. She helped create our home into a dream home. Our rooms have a very inviting and calming look with hints of elegance. Seriously a 6 out of 5 stars type of service.

-Hina P.

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